#WIWMTU Marilou's Story

Day #8: What I Wish My Teachers Understood About Autism

Marilou's Story

What I Wish My Teachers Understood is:

1. That I couldn't decode non-verbal social cues so unless they were direct...it was useless. It would've been better than lashing out at me for something that I wasn't even aware of... 

2.That some of my sense were more sensitive than average and that sometimes I need a *break* from it all, in my case I don't have ears but freaking sonars, my earring is as sensitive as a dog's.

3.I might seem rude/insensitive even when it starts from a good intention, not an ill will.

4.When you start me on a special interrest, good luck to stop me because you won't be able to do so.

5.That even when I make efforts, it doesn't seems to please everyone so, I kinda learned to be myself and to screw the rest.