#WIWMTU Rhiannon's Story

Day #6: Rhiannon's Story

I Wish My Teachers Understood that a Smile Does Not Mean I'm Happy.

I'm 6 years old, in year 1. I have ASD, ADHD, ODD and anxiety disorder. My teachers always see me as happy, they miss all the little signs, I chew things, my eyes look down, I fidget, I get uncomfortable when I'm sad. On hard days I wish my teachers could understand things are hard for me. I wish they could understand that lots of little things all together make it very hard.

Mommy comes to pick me up, I run into her arms and I burst out crying. Mommy asks the teachers what's wrong, they say I'm tired. Well actually today someone stole my fidget toy, at lunch it was very loud, in class kids get too close to me and want to play with my fidget toys. I try and read but I cannot sit for so long. I get distracted, I get sad when I try so hard and I still cannot do it. Once things start getting tough it's more and more things that get me anxious, my tummy starts to hurt, my head hurts. I just want to be by myself. I want the noise to go away.

I wish my teachers can see that I'm not happy. 

It's not that it's been a long day, it's not that I'm tired, it's the fact they missed all those signs that show I'm having a bad day and it just keeps getting worse. If mommy was here, she would know, she would make things better. But the teachers just tell mommy that I'm perfectly fine at home and I don't behave at school like I do at home. The truth is, I try all day long and once I'm with mommy I cry, I can't hold it in anymore. She tries to make it better.

I wish my teachers tried to make it better too.

Thank you for reading my story,