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Autism Quilt

Professional development for the overworked special education teacher. 



You have Stacks of paperwork waiting to be filed, a half-eaten salad on your desk, you ARE running to your next meeting, and one of your students just decided that wearing pants is optional?

Sound familiar?

Then you must be a special education teacher!

Are your hands riddled with paper cuts from laminating PECs?

Are You are overwhelmed, overworked, and underappreciated?

Is there just not enough time in the day to be organized?

Do you ever wonder how those teachers on Facebook and pinterest seem to have it down?

Do you go home at night and wonder what that stain is on your shirt? 

There has to be a better way, right?

Let me help!



What is The Autism Quilt?

The Autism Quilt is an online course for special educators with students on the Autism Spectrum.

It is 30 full-day online workshops that can be taken anytime, anywhere.

Have you ever asked yourself...

  • Why am I so overwhelmed?

  • Why am I always busy?

  • How can I manage so many students?

  • How can I best assist all of my students?

  • Is it possible to get it all done?

  • How can I get organized?

  • How much longer can I do this?

You are not alone!

Every day I receive questions about how to get it all done. How to best support students with autism, organize the classroom, and leave work on time. So many of us end up bringing work home, resulting in guilt and causing frustration for those who need us at home.

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The Autism Quilt

Is about finding a way to make teaching special education more sustainable!


"Trisha is helping educate our educators 

on how special our community truly is. We all have a voice that is worth sharing and I applaud Trisha for sharing hers. I'm proud to call her a friend and an advocate in helping our special needs community progress every single day."

-Kerry Magro, Award-Winning Professional Speaker & Best-Selling Author



"It did not take me long to realize Trisha was one of the thought leaders 

 in both the teaching of children on the spectrum and for promoting autism acceptance worldwide. She provides clear and actionable blog posts which and will make your life as either  a teacher and parent so much easier.  And more importantly it will mean that students with ASC are better able to access their educational opportunities.    I cannot too strongly recommend her course for teachers (and for all those involved in autism and education). “

-Adam Gac, Patienttalk.org





The Autism Quilt contains 30 Modules of coursework. Each Module is designed to be the equivalent of a full-day workshop. No more sitting in a stuffy hotel conference room. This course is entirely online and at your own pace. Work on it when you want and how long you want!


Need help? Got a question? I'm here for you the whole way! Once enrolled in The Autism Quilt, you will have life-time access to this course. You will never have to worry about being lost again!


Once enrolled in The Autism Quilt, I will track all of your progress for you! No more worrying about keeping track of paperwork nor hours! I got it covered! After you have completed all 30 days of workshops you will receive a professional development certificate. Your district may award you with up to 150 PD hours!


Once enrolled in The Autism Quilt, you will have exclusive access to hundreds of pages of worksheets, checklists, and workbooks. Everything to make this school year the best one ever!


I want not only you, but your students motivated as well! When you sign up for The Autism Quilt, I will send you 50 Inspirational Printable Posters. These are 50 inspirational quotes made into printable posters. Just print, laminate, and hang! So simple!


You are part of the team as soon as you join! Once signed up for The Autism Quilt, you will immediately sent a link to the exclusive, Private Facebook Community! You will have access to other amazing educators such as yourself where you can share ideas and resources, answer questions, and provide encouragement for each other!

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100% Money Back Guarantee!

If you try The Autism Quilt for 30 days and are unsatisfied with the course, I will refund EVERY SINGLE PENNY! It's that simple!


One Payment


-1 payment of $147

-30 Amazing Online Modules

-Exclusive PD Certificate (150 PD hours)

-Access to the Private Facebook Community!

-50 Inspirational Autism Printable Posters (worth $100!)

-Access to Exclusive Bonuses! (and yes, there will be bonuses!)



ONly 10 Spots available!

- 1 Payment of $397

-Everything from the DELUXE package


-3 1-HOUR 1-on-1 coaching calls with me! (worth $300!)


Get it now for $147!


Tired of Wasting Your Time in Boring Workshops on Autism?


Yes? Well let's TALK!

As special education teachers, we are forced to attend uneventful workshops. Cramped and confined to small, sweaty hotel conference rooms where we must listen to bland people tell us what we already know. All too often we must attend these workshops where we waste hours of our time and leave not learning anything.

yearn for a more fruitful workshop? 

One with real strategies and steps to take to actually teach your autistic students?

Well, then you have come to the right place!

Stop wasting your time and money on boring workshops...

Let's put some plans into action!


One Payment


-1 payment of $147

-30 Amazing Online Modules

-Exclusive PD Certificate (150 PD hours)

-Access to the Private Facebook Community!

-50 Inspirational Autism Printable Posters (worth $100!)

-Access to Exclusive Bonuses! (and yes, there will be bonuses!)



only 10 spots available!

- 1 Payment of $397

-Everything from the DELUXE package


-3 1-HOUR 1-on-1 Coaching Calls with ME! (worth $300!)

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The Autism Quilt

Is 30 full-day online workshops meant to help you get your energy and passion back!


DAY #1: What's your why and how to find your passion

DAY #2: effective collaboration

DAY #3: How to work with parents

day #4: How to rock ieps

day #5: classroom set-up

day #6: bulletin boards

day #7: how to survive the first few weeks

day #8: why so many visuals?

day #9: routines and anxiety

day #10: power of Positive thinking 

day #11: sensory integration

day #12: How to get students to buy-in

day #13: communication challenges

day #14: coping with the dreaded meltdown

day #15: Behavior management

day #16: ABA for Special educators

day #17: Functional Behavior Assessments

day #18: Social Stories

day #19: How to teach life skills

day #20: How to teach play

day #21: curriculum

day #22: organization

day #23: staffing issues

day #24: lesson plans

day #25: Executive functioning

day #26: Specific challenges: The Aggressive Student

day #27: Specific Challenges: The Bolter

day #28: specific challenges: The inccessant Talker

day #29: specific challenges: The unmotivated

day #30: wrap-up and How to take care of yourself


  • The special educator who is ready to start mending the fibers between IEP members.

  • the special education teacher who wants to Work together to increase student engagement, decrease burnout, and have more FREEDOm!

  • The special educator looking to gain more time, more knowledge, and make a difference with their students on the spectrum.

  • Special education teachers who need to break through with general education teachers and gain buy-in.

  • For those who want their colleagues to understand what teaching special education means.

  • For special educators that want to understand their autistic students better while learning specific strategies for working with challenging behaviors.

  • Those that need help organizing their paperwork, their meetings, and their life!



  • Those teachers who have given up hope.

  • Those who don't embrace change.


Become A better Teacher



Hi! i'm Trisha! I HAVE OVER 15 YEARS EXPERIENCE WORKING WITH STUDENTS WITH AUTISM. I hold a master's degree in education and 3 teaching certifications. I have rolled out school-wide PBIS programs and have been a guest speaker at national conferences around the united states. 

But, 5 years ago, I was just like you. I was over-worked, underpaid, and lost my lunch periods to cutting, pasting, and laminating. I spent my days chasing my tail running from one crisis to another, assuring teachers that my student, "won't do that again," and trying to convince them that my student belonged in their class. It was rough, and tough and days went by. I was ran ragged, but I knew there was a way out of the fog, if only I could get my head above water long enough to get there. I got there. and i want you to get there too! Let me help you

Now, I teach teachers just like you. Let me guide you through with step-by-step strategies to reclaim your classroom, your authority, and most importantly, your lunch! Let's do this!

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Let's Make This Year the Best One EVER!

Reasons to look no further...

Before the autism quilt...

  • tired

  • run-down

  • depleted

  • Disorganized

  • Running from one crisis to another

  • lunch? what's a lunch?

  • stack of paperwork

  • feelings of failure


  • EPIC Success!

  • goals accomplished!

  • organized classroom!

  • Gen Ed Teachers that comply with the IEP? Yay!

  • I get to EAT my lunch?

  • Students who are engaged, learning and making progress!

  • confidence, passion, and excitement for your job!

  • Guilt-free sick days!


One Payment


-1 payment of $147

-30 Amazing Online Modules

-Exclusive PD Certificate (150 PD hours!)

-Access to the Private Facebook Community!

-50 Inspirational Autism Printable Posters (worth $100!)

-Access to Exclusive Bonuses! (and yes, there will be bonuses!)



ONLY 10 spots available!

- 1 Payment of $397

-Everything from the DELUXE package


-3 1-HOUR Coaching Calls with ME! (worth $300!)


Frequently Asked Questions

+ When Does the Course Start and Finish?

The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.

+ How long do I have access to the course?

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

+ What if I am unhappy with the course?

I never want anyone to be unsatisfied with the course. Try the course for 15 days. If you try and implement the strategies as described in the course and find that they have not been beneficial, simply ask for your money back in that 15 day time period. It's that simple.

+ How does this work?

Once enrolled in my course, you will receive a confimration and welcome email from me. It will explain all the juicy details of the course. Access to your course will be available within 24 hours.


+ I'm just a teacher, how can I afford this course?

Talk to your district's administration. Chances are they will help pay for this amazing Professional Development. Once enrolled in this course, you will have lifetime access to it and all of its updates. This course is the equivalent of 30 full-day Professional Development workshops.

+ How can I convice my administration of the value of this course??

Sending just one student with Autism out of district can cost upwards of $100,000 or more. Sending teachers to all day workshops cost districts the price of the teacher's salary for the day, plus the cost of of a substitute. That can be over $500 a day! Educating teachers to increase student engagement, decrease their burnout, and make their life easier is invaluable. An efficient teacher is a happy one and decreases the likelihood of teacher turnover.

What Happens When I Buy?

If you buy now...

-You will receive a welcome email and packet describing everything you need to know about The Autism Quilt Course.

-You will have immediate access to the exclusive Facebook community where you can chat, share, and collaborate with other like-minded individuals also enrolled in The Autism Quilt.

-The course officially starts September 1st, but you can get started with the Welcome module.